Mirza Izati

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Job Title

Mirza received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Passionate about education in macro level, she decided to pursue a career in education policy. In 2016, she graduated with distinction from Institute of Education, University College London. Her master degree in Policy Studies in Education and dissertation on Indonesia Mengajar has equipped her with good understanding on Indonesian teachers. 

Job Description

Mirza is a qualitative researcher specialising in education. 

Previous Experience

Before continuing her study, Mirza joined SMERU in urban child poverty research in 2015. Short after graduation, she was doing an internship in the Executive Office of the President as Policy Specialist on Satu Data Indonesia initiative. In early 2017, she re-joined SMERU and is undertaking an education research project. 


Mirza was awarded Indonesia Presidential Scholarship in 2014 to continue her master study in University College London. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mirza-annisa-izati/